There are at least three artists with this name: 1) MEG, a Japanese electropop singer. 2) Meg, an Italian singer. 3) Meg, an American freestyle/dance singer. 4) meg, a Japanese jazz singer. 1) Keiko Yorichika (頼近恵子), better known by her stage name MEG (メグ), born October 3, 1980 in Chiyoda, Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan, is a Japanese singer-songwriter, composer, fashion designer, and model. Initially an indies musician when she debuted in 2001, MEG became a prominent artist with her fashion label CAROLINA GLASER and her musical collaborations with Japanese electronic producer Yasutaka Nakata (中田ヤスタカ) of capsule, with whom she first collaborated with in 2006. MEG's first introduction to music was through the piano, which she has played since childhood. At the age of 20, she auditioned for an indie record company, BURGER INN RECORDS, singing It's Gonna Rain!, and passed. She made her indie debut on November 28, 2001 with 傘としずく (Kaza to Shizuku), known as simply meg. This was also around the time MEG started modeling for magazines like CUTIE and Non-no. On July 10, 2002 MEG made her major label debut with the single スキャンティ ブルース (scanty blues), produced by Okamura Yasuyuki, on the label DREAMMACHINE (a label on Warner Music Japan). Her second single was a double a-side; one track was the cover song イケナイコトカイ (Ikenai Koto Kai), and it was coupled with her indie song Kasa to Shizuku. However, it is rumored that Okamura quit producing MEG after this single due to her attitude. But this didn't hinder MEG as she released two more singles (光露 (Kouro) and GROOVE TUBE) along with her debut major album, room girl. In July of 2004, MEG created a clothing line for the store klein mart TOKYO called cheryl. There was only one release in 2004, the single STEREO04 which was released instead by the indie label LSN Records. Developing her brand took most of her time in 2005 as it was quieter with music releases. In January of 2006, she began to go by MEG, and in February she changed the name of her clothing line from cheryl to Carolina Glaser by cheryl. MEG then released two singles, ROCKSTAR and DAWN, along with her second album Dithyrambos, all through SHAMPOO NINE RECORDS (her own indie label). A remix on Dithyrambos marks her first work with 中田ヤスタカ (Nakata Yasutaka). In early 2007, Hiroshi Nakamura (i-dep) collaborated with and produced MEG's first mini album, aquaberry. This was released through AZ tribe (on RAINBOW ENTERTAINMENT). Her ninth single, 甘い贅沢 (Amai Zeitaku), was released through SHAMPOO NINE RECORDS on May 30 and was the first to be produced by Nakata Yasutaka. Her second single OK was her second major debut single after being signed to Universal Music Japan. The release of the album BEAM two months later was her first album to be produced by Nakata. In 2008, she released MAGIC and HEART, which were included a short six months later on her fourth album, STEP. MEG has also collaborated with Hadouken! on her single, FREAK, and released her fifth album, BEAUTIFUL. She released another mini album, Journey, on August 26, 2009, which was produced by The Shanghai Restoration Project. MEG released her seventh full-length album, Maverick, on June 23, 2010 featuring the single SECRET ADVENTURE (the b-side GRAY would become an a-side as it was also featured on MAVERICK). In July 2010, MEG would inform fans through her blog that she would be leaving Universal Music Japan and traveling to Paris for a break. She then released a double a-side single PASSPORT/PARIS on August 25, 2010 and a best album BEST FLIGHT on September 29, 2010, which would be her final release through Universal Japan. The Terminal A version of the album, which was limited, came with a t-shirt made by MEG and a DVD that includes the music videos for PARIS and SECRET ADVENTURE, while Terminal B comes with a bonus CD containing acoustic arrangements of five songs and eight remixes. In 2011, MEG returned to Warner Music via the newly launched Unborde Records and starting June 20, she began releasing monthly digital singles exclusively through the French iTunes store. 2) Meg (Maria Di Donna) is a singer from Naples, Italy who has released six albums since 1994. She was a member of the group 99 Posse. 3) Meg is an American freestyle/dance singer, she released one album titled Lover Girl in 1991. Four singles were taken from it, and later, another song, titled The Music, was released on its own. 4) Kobayashi Megumi (小林恵), also known by the stage name meg, is a Japanese jazz artist. She previously had a career as an actress in the 1990s, and released several pop singles and an album under her full name. She debuted professionally as a jazz performer in April 2006 with a cover of Where I Want To Be, and released three studio albums between 2007 and 2009. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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